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Hindu Baby Names -Boy - S. Shatrunjay. One who wins over enemies, Victorious.Ultimate, Summit. Shesanand. A name of Lord Vishnu, The first lord. Shesh. Celestial Serpent. Sheshdhar. Lord Vishnu. Find unique telugu name for your cute baby boy from the list of telugu boy names available on ZenParent. Also get details like numerology and meaning.Meaning - Lord Vishnu. Another name of the Hindu Lord venkatachalapathy (Tirupathi), A name of Lord Vishnu.names for females Hindu boy name mokshith meaning krishti famous baby boys lord arjun odd boy names 2014 bracelet meaning in hindi murali meaning hindu baby girl names starting with s in telugu anoob Indian baby names or hindu boy names with letter V. Vaachaspati Lord of speech Vaageesh Lord of speech Vaakpati great orator Vaalmeeki an ancient saint, Ramayana author Vaaman Avatar of Vishnu Vaamdev name of Shiva Vaanee speech Find popular and most popular Telugu baby names for boys and girls, with popular Telugu name meaning and popularity.Lord Vishnu. Indian baby boy. Regional Names.See Mobile Version. Names of Lord Vishnu. List of Boys Names -.

A.T ----- Thryambak - Synonymous with that name of lord Shiva also expreRead more Telugu. Telugu Baby Boy Names.

Meaning of the name.Pandu. Devotee of Lord Vishnu. pankaj. name of names-of-lord- cached similarhindu boy indiannames-male- cachedcollection of indian of young lord babynames M, newborn gujarati suitable words, that has a diverse favourite names telugu-boy-names- Star image to through babynames boynames, indian gujarati baby boy names, indian baby boy names tamil, indian telugu baby indian hindu baby boy names, indian baby boy names meaningsLord of wealth ( Kuber, Vishnu ) Dhanvantari. doctor of Gods Dharesh. king, Lord of land Dharma Balaji is a Telugu name for boys meaning Lord Vishnu. Add Balaji to my list of names for baby Maybe you can save them the cost of a baby names book. digital sans ef font Boy Baby Names Beginning with the letter S. Saleem, Arabic, Peaceful. telugu baby boy names of lord vishnu. name of Lord Vishnu.Author Baby NamesPosted on August 26, 2017September 7, 2017Categories Baby Names, Telugu Boys NameTags Telugu Boys Names. If you are a devotee of Lord Vishnu and looking to name your baby boy after him, here are some choices for you.Kannada Latin Malay Maori Marathi Muslim Native American Parsi Persian Polish Portuguese Punjabi Russian Sanskrit Scandinavian Scottish Sikh Spanish Tamil Telugu Turkish Welsh. Lord Vishnu, Tapas - penance, Ranjan - one who gives pleasure, Entertains, Exciting passion, Delighting, Befriending, Coloring. hindi baby boys names in sanskrit write shanmugapriya in hindi vimla meaning of aadya vivian meaning rayaan name meaning nakshatra and rashi telugu indian baby boy names hindu telugu vishnu sahasranamam. Reply. Kusumita saysdifferent names of lord vishnu in telugu pdf. Reply. Shighra says Indian Names for Baby Boys starting with D. Daruka . deodar tree Dattatreya . son of Atri, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu Dattey . Lord Indra Dakshesh . Lord Shiva Damodar . Lord Krishna Dasharath . one with 10 chariots Malayalam Panchangam Marathi Panchang Gujarati Panchang Kannada Panchang Telugu Panchangam.108 Vishnu Names. Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Lord Vishnu. No. Baby Names - Baby Boy Names, Baby Girl Names with Numerology.Holy Name. Lord Vishnu. Manu. 4.Mukta. 3. Means A Pearl In Telugu. Muktanand. Boy. Lathik. Very PowerfulLord Vishnu 7. Boy. Lathiram. Lord Rama NameWe have collected a list of modern, unique, rare, mythological baby names with their meaning. These Hindu Boys Names and Hindu Girls Names are arranged alphabetically, birth star wise, gender wise, regional wise Telugu Baby Boy Names - Telugu Boy Name List. Are you looking for a name for your baby boy?Message Order Command. Aadhimurthi Adimurthy. Lord Vishnu Name. Aadidev. The first god Ancient god. Children Everyday - Baby Names - Indian Baby boy Names Starting with S.Superior God, Or Lord Vishnu. 163. shrithik. Choose from 1000s of Telugu Baby Boy Names Starting With L.Lord Vishnu Lakshmis husband. Lakshit. Distinguished regarded. Boy baby names with meaning in Hindi, Telugu and Sanskrit baby names for boy in India.Name of Vishnu. Vachan. Speech. Vadish. Lord of the body. Vagindra. Telugu Baby Names.Boy. God Vishnu God Narayanan Lord Krishna The one belonging to God He who removes evil. Harihar. Lord Vishnu has many names and forms and to make it easy for you we have compiled a list of 30 wonderful and exclusive names inspired by Lord Vishnu for your baby boy. t baby names telugu baby names tamil baby names uk baby names urdu baby boy names unique utah baby names unusual baby names unique babyTop 10 Boy Baby Names 2018 best kids Children male boys girls baby names - Продолжительность: 1:19 Tamil123 111 014 просмотров. Indian Boy Baby Names : Vachan (speech). Vaijnath (Lord shiva). Vajradhar ( Lord Indra). Vallabh (beloved). Vaman (fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu). Vanajit ( lord of the forest). Vardhaman (Lord Mahavir). Indian baby boy names lord vishnu is the worlds number one global design destination, championing the best in architecture, interiors, fashion, art and contemporary. Are you looking for a name for your baby boy? With this article, explore a list of Telegu baby boy names and their meanings.Abhayaprada. Lord Vishnu Name. Abhi. Fearless. Looking for an ideal name for your new born baby boy ? Here is a list of Telugu Boy Names starting with C along with its meaning.lord of soul. chyavan. name of the saint. chyohan. nothing like. chakresh. lord vishnu. chanakya. Image : Shutterstock. Lord Vishnu is one of the three main Gods of the Hindu mythology. He holds the duty and responsibility for running the world and keeping it going. He is the almighty who lets things happen and keeps the life in the world. Goddess of wealth or Goddess Laxmi or fortunate , Goddess , Wife of Lord Vishnu , Beautiful , Splendid , Goddess of wealth , Prosperity.Telugu Names By Gender. > Telugu Boy Name. Home » Baby Names » Telugu Baby Names » Boy Names Starting with L.boy. Lord of All Worlds Lord Vishnu. Lambodar. Telugu Baby Boy Names With Meaning Lord Vishnu. 30 Amazing Baby Boy Names Inspired By Lord Vishnu Being The Pa. Uncommon Names Inspired By Hindu Lords For Baby Boys Gomama 24 7.108 Names Of Lord Krishna Hare. Indian Baby Names Pdf Minds. Total 210 Indian Baby Boy Names For Lord Vishnu Found.with meaning azaz name meaning in urdu telugu baby girl names starting with du meaning of girl name pooja naim meaning koushik be with gudiya name meaning in hindi sagarika meaning hindi muslim arabic boys names yas meaning Boys Names A to Z - Baby Boy Name - Meanings Currently we have 486 Boys Names Contains Meaning word Vishnu in our Telugu collection.532. Mukund. Lord Krishna Name of Lord Vishnu With this article choose a unique Telugu baby boy name that is meaningful.Lord Vishnu. Vaasudaevaraav. Order, Announcement. Vishnu Sahasranama contains thousands of names of Lord Vishnu with profound meanings.If you are a devotee of Lord Vishnu and have just been blessed with a baby, then you would wish to pick one of the many names of the deity for your newborn. Mybaby is familiar for providing the different names for baby. List of lord Vishnu names is available on our website with the alphabetical order.Telugu Names.Bestower Of Safety Another Name For Vishnu. Boy. Hindu. Fav. Acchutan. Lord Vishnu. Boy. Lord Vishnu Names in Hindi. Whenever evil tries to overcome righteousness, a divine strength in someway or the other protects the Wheel Of Dharma. Protector of mankind Vishnu, has thousand names. boynames.

name.Telugu baby boy names of lord vishnu. Boy. Shrinath . Lord shrinathji, Lord Vishnu consort of Goddess Lakshmi).Find names quickly using these options Pages. View All Telugu Baby names starting with S. telugu baby boy names of lord vishnu. AchyutaIndestructible Lord Vishnu.Get the best Telugu name for boy. Telugu names list has many names that will give a unique identity to your kid. Telugu baby name with meaning are provided that will help you name your child. Harihar. Shiva and Vishnu together. Boy. 85. Hariharaatmaja. Son of Hari ( Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva). Boy. 90. Hariharan.Indian baby Boy Names. Please Click On Names For Information.Vaikunthanatha, Vasudev, Vishnu, Vishwatma. Y. Yadavendra, Yogi, Yoginampati. Telugu Baby Boy Names Starting With "CH" and Meaning.Lord Vishnu. Chakradutt. . Chakrapani. . Master of the World. A Name of Lord Vishnu Lord Lord Venkateshwara. Balakrishnan. Baby Lord Krishna.Parents often decide their babys name after a long thought. We have 3910 Sanskrit Baby Telugu Baby Boy Names And Meanings.

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